Tennessee City Fire Department

# 5 Company

TCVFD Board Members

Board members:   Joe Muraca , Kim Hodgin, Danny Tucker Jr.  Jeff Eby

President:  Scotty Harrell   Vice President:  Jerry Wade   Secretary: Karin Shadowens                                   

 Treasurer: Angie Spann

TCVFD FireFighter

 Mike Grant                           Fire Chief

 Danny Tucker                      Asst. Chief

 Ted Presgraves                   Captain / FireFighter / EMT

 Danny Tucker Jr.                 Training Officer / FireFighter / EMR

 Scotty Harrell.                    Lieutenant / Fire Investigator

 Jon-Michael Grant             FireFighter

 Jim Hixon                            FireFighter

 James Shadowens           FireFighter / EMR

 Joe O'Connell                      FireFighter

 Joe Muraca                          FireFighter

 Jake Brake.                          FireFighter          

 Carlene Tucker                    FireFighter

 Craig Morgan                       FireFighter  

 Fuzzy McElhiney                 Auxiliary

 Jerry Wade                          Auxiliary

 Ray Dale Vaughn                FireFighter

 Brandon Flowers                FireFighter / EMR

 Brandon Adkisson            FireFighter / EMT

 Jeff Reiger                         Engineer / EMR

 Jack Shadowens            Fundraiser Director

 Jerry Dycus                    Search and Rescue

 Cooper Holland                  FireFighter/EMR

 Bryce Sims                            FireFighter / EMT 

 Blake McElhiney                       Rookie 

Tawnya Vaughn                       Firefighter 

Leslie Wallace                        Firefighter / AEMT

Derek Smith                            Firefighter 

Kristy Smith                           Firefighter/EMR

Tennessee City Fire Dept. Jr. FireFighter

 Neyland Perkins

 Zack Covington

 Timmy O'Connell

 Brandon O'Connell

 Chance Harrell


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Tennessee City Fire Dept.

The Tennessee City Fire Department need's you

IF you have every wanted to be a firefighter

Have an interest in a medical field

Or just want to help your neighbors

Then call 615-446-0639 and leave a message and we will contact you back

, The federal government has awarded a grant that will allow the department to put money into a 401 plan for you , you can earn Money  towards your retirement just for helping your neighbors